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Sam Kirby is the Regional Manager for PADI International Ltd with responsibility for Egypt, Eastern Europe, Wales and Scotland. A former Instructor
Coming back from the southern dive sites of Dahab in the afternoon, driving with the car over the last hill, looking down to the lagoon with its
I first dived the Red Sea just after Moses and the Israelites had crossed it. No, that’s an exaggeration but now it does seem like a very long

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Finally, it´s happening! For quite a while now I have been trying to organize a Pro Trainer Course with IAHD, the International Association of Handicapped Divers, as our Dive Center SUB SINAI wa...

No Bubbles Photography

By: Kimmo Hagman The weather conditions couldn't have been better for this early morning dive. The south Red Sea safari was starting to near its end and both crew and guests were completely satisfied...

Endemic species of the Red Sea - Klunzinger's wrasse

It was one of these early and calm afternoons during the summer months, somewhere at a dive site entry along the fringing reefs of South Sinai. The near-shore reef flat area at this site was covered w...

Take a Map With You

The Mares Icon HD Nitrox Dive Computer, launched late last year, allows you to download your dive site maps into the wrist unit so they are available to you during the dive. Using the unit’s int...

The Economic Value of Sea Cucumbers in the Egyptian Red Sea

Coral reefs in Egypt's Red Sea can be likened to a desert oasis: the high metabolic activity of the reef ecology system makes it a primary source of nutrients in an otherwise nutrient-poor sea. Witho...

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