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September 17th is the 20th Anniversary of International Cleanup Day. Once again, SCUBA divers around the world will join in and contribute to make
A diving reel is more than just a spool of line; it can be the connection to a diver’s safety.  Whether it’s being used with a buoy
There is no doubt that every skin diver enjoys the magnificent abundance of life on the coral reefs. The sad fact is that this extraordinary

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Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of divers jumping in the water without tanks on their backs, but instead carrying strange boxes, or weird looking configurat...

Chamber Recompression Therapy

By: Dr. Hossam Nasef "No-one who has seen the victim of compressed air illness, gravely ill or unconscious, put back into a chamber and brought back to life by the application of air pressure, will f...

Liveaboards adopt Tracking System

In the Red Sea more and more Liveaboards are taking safety very seriously and protecting their guests with the latest high-tec device. When the ENOS® system was launched the Egyptian authorities...

Risk Factors in Diving

By: Dr.Hossam Nasef 1. Patent (Persistent) Foramen Ovale (PFO): During the fetal period, the baby depends entirely on the mother for gas exchange as it cannot yet have it's own respiration. The pulmo...

Endemic species of the Red Sea - Klunzinger's wrasse

It was one of these early and calm afternoons during the summer months, somewhere at a dive site entry along the fringing reefs of South Sinai. The near-shore reef flat area at this site was covered w...

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