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Welcome to H2O Magazine web site, The Official Publication of the Red Sea Association for Diving & water sport
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"Winter 05"

  Photo Gallery:                             
Mangrove tree

White Storks:
Migrate between east Europe and Africa passing by the
Sinai and north Red Sea coast twice a year. Bird watchers enjoy seeing thousands of them in these areas in October and March.

Octupus. Octupus cyanae

Long-nose Hawkfish:
Residing in the Red Sea & Indian Ocean.
Grows up to 8 cm. Depths between 5 – 70 meters but mainly seen below 30 meters in areas where gorgonians and black corals grow. Feeds on planktons.


Eye of Bicolour Parrotfish:
Found in the Red Sea & Indo-pacific. Grows up to 50 cm. Depths between 1 – 30 meters more commonly seen over the reef.

Sea Urchin

Sea Slug (Orante Elysia) :
Habituating in the Red Sea and Indo-pacific. Grows up to 5 cm. The genus is characterized by having rudimentary eyes.

Squirrel Fish

One of the unique hard corals living inside cave and crevices, during the night they extend their yellow polyps for feeding.

Christmas tree worm

Arabian Angelfish:
Endemic to the Red Sea & Arabian Sea (hence the name). Grows up to 40 cm.
Depths between 2 – 60 meters. Seen around reefs, muddy areas and sea grass beds.

Blue Cheek Butterfly fish

Carpet flat head (Crocodile fish):
Regularly sighted in the Red Sea & Arabian Sea. Grows up to 100 cm. Depths 1-40 meters. Most common flat head in the Red Sea.


Blue spotted stingray with cleaner wrasse:
A common resident of the Red Sea & Indian Ocean. Grows up to 80 cm. Depths between 2 – 20 meters usually on the bottom and rarely hidden in sand. Feeds at night on worms, shrimps and crabs.

Photo Contest:
The H2O gallery is organizing a quarterly Photo contest for Red Sea area. If you want to enter, with above or underwater shots, deliver the slide to the Red Sea Association office/ Hurghada or mail a low resolution copy to this mail:
info@h2o-mag.com and your photos will be categorized and judged by photography experts. The most beautiful 8 photos will be printed in the magazine and a pleasant prize will be given to the winner of every issue.

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